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THE WINE GUY - An Introduction To Wine


Our good friend The Wine Guy (Jimmy Smith) has helped to educate much of the Vino team and runs a very successful education and tasting business in London. Jimmy has been working within the wine industry for 11 years with the past 6 years as a WSET-qualified tutor and assessor. In the past four years alone (2007-2011) he has educated over 1250 students through the WSET Intermediate and Advanced certificates. In addition to these more formal qualifications Jimmy has held hundreds of informal and corporate tastings across the UK focusing on the learning and enjoyment of wine, whisky and beer. Jimmy has been running West London Wine School since January 2010 and is a regular judge at the International Wine Challenge. Its the all-important infectious enthusiasm and passion for the world of wine that enables Jimmy to communicate to his audience without the use of confusing (& boring!) technical facts often detailed in wine tastings. Bellow are some of Jimmy's latest online tutorials to get you started on what to do with that bottle of Vino when you get it home. Visit Jimmy at


Lesson One - Appearance

In this series, An Introduction to Wine, Jimmy will teach you the very basics about wine and what you need to know when selecting, smelling and tasting wine. In Lesson 1 Jimmy talks about the Appearance of wine, how to read the depth, colour and legs of the wine just by looking at the glass.




Lesson Two - The Art of Swirling

In Lesson Two Jimmy talks you through the art of swirling a glass of wine to get the most of the aromas.




Lesson Three - Aromas in White Wine

Lesson Three is all about the Aromas of white wine and the main components that make it.




Lesson Four - Aromas in Red Wine

Lesson Four is all about the Aromas of Red wine and the main components that make it.




Lesson Five - Sweetness

Lesson Five is about the Palate and picking up sweetness in wine.




Lesson Six - Acidity, Body and Texture

Lesson Six continue with the Palate and covers Acidity in the body and texture of wine.




Lesson Seven - Tannin

Lesson Seven is about Tannin and the qualities found in the skin of the grape.




Lesson Eight - Alcohol

Lesson Eight is all about how the art of tasting the Alcohol in wine.




Lesson Nine - Flavours

Lesson Nine is all about Flavours and how to pick up the unique and individual flavours in red and white wine, linking back to what you learnt in lessons 2,3 and 4.




Lesson Ten - Length and Quality

Lesson Ten is the conclusion to An Introduction to Wine tasting and using all the skills you've learnt in lessons 1-9 we look at how to tell the length and the quality of the wine.